Herring 30

Luffes gård

Of course, the walk has to end in an old merchant's courtyard! Here, you can certainly feel the life of such a place. The restaurant, ‘The Old Brewery‘, serves delicious food and a large selection of beers as well as the products from Møn’s own brewery (Bryghuset Møn), a 'micro-brewery' which started here around year 2000. Now it has had such great sales success that it has had to move into larger premises in one of the town's commercial areas. The restaurant always has beer that relates to the season of the year or local events. You can purchase a board with four small beer tasters, before you decide which beer should be the next.

Also notice the red-washed house in the middle of the courtyard. You might think that the white blotches are a sign of bad upkeep. Not so: the house gets lime-washed quite often. But a few weeks later, the blotches reappear as the house originally functioned as a storage place for salt.

Luffes gård also houses a number of small shops, and in summer you can sit outside at the tables and enjoy a nice glass of wine with good friends. Whilst sitting there, you could contemplate which handmade piece of unique jewellery to take home from Flemming's jewelery shop 'Smykkeriet', a memory of your walk around our lovely old market town of Stege.

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