Herring 22

Southern side of Storegade

Now, from Gåsetorvet you have to walk back along with the equal house numbers of Storegade. The first building on the southern side of Storegade is the first out of three wings situated down towards the cove at Stege Nor. It contains fine, new homes with either a balcony or a small front yard. The buildings are built in yellow stone and the front house has an accentuated frieze.

If this house was plastered and painted gray, it would look like the old and reputable Hotel Scandinavia which was situated here for many years. It was a well-attended theatre hall hosting dances and balls, and in its restaurant, ‘Palmehaven’, countless Danish ‘smørrebrød’-sandwiches were being served.

In Scandinavia you ate well and danced cheek by cheek. It is said that many marriages in Møn began right here!                                                                                      

All the houses and shops located on this side of Storegade have the long and narrow land plots, stretching down to Søndersti. This is where the long walking route took its beginning. Notice the many old gates along Storegade. The largest gates indicate that there was a driveway to a big merchant house and store or a large workshop. The front of the houses with their elegant bay windows made a worthy home for these families. The municipal charter directed that all trade should take place within the town. It was forbidden to trade outside the towns until 1857. In the merchant’s houses, grain was sold and seed bought, and the merchants grew in numbers. In addition came all the smaller traders and craftsmen such as tailor, baker, smith, carpenter, butcher and many others, but they mostly settled down in the side streets.

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