Herring 29

Store Kirkestræde and Hotel Møen

Store- and Lille Kirkestræde (i.e little and greater church street) formed, together with a stretch of Storegade, an open triangular space, which was built in the 1700’s. Store Kirkestræde was then established up towards the southern gate of the church square. The house on the corner of

Storegade and Store Kirkestræde was partially built in 1763, but was expanded around 1800.

In 1845, it became 50% fire damaged and in 1919 the house was converted into a hotel.

Hotel Møen was a legendary hotel, renowned from 1919 for its excellent food and its very fine and well-preserved restaurant.   

The old hotel owner's daughter, Gylla Larsen, was one of the really well-known people of Møn. After her parents' death, she managed the hotel alone but still completely in the manner and spirit it used to be. She cooked on an old-fashioned wood stove and had the kitchen full of copper pots, pans and tureens, which were all still in use! Almost every single person on Møn has at some point visited Hotel Møen. This was the place to celebrate big birthdays, to drink coffee after a funeral in the church. Here countless associations and councils have held their meetings with old-fashioned dinners or coffee with home baking. Gylla died in 2013, 88 years old and left a big void in town. One was used to meeting her in the street where every day she made sure to sweep the pavement and keep the facade nice and clean.

Now, Hotel Møn has been taken over by the Fund Møn’s Building Renewal, which has carried out a thorough restoration of the old and beautiful but very run-down building. It was necessary to change the kitchen facilities. Apart from this, the building and all the premises have been refurbished in the old hotel spirit. The side building as well as the old stables at the end of the cobblestones in the courtyard has also been refurbished, i.a. with hotel rooms, so that now - for the first time in several generations - you can stay overnight in the old hotel again! The plan is to establish an 'experience route', leading across the court-yard, through the stable and the beautiful old garden down to Havnestræde and the harbour, where you can read more about its history. Just have a go - there is public access if the gates are open.

In Hotel Møn you can enjoy delicious herring, served in the Danish way, at a very reasonable price.

When you have absorbed the historical experience, you cross Storegade to Luffes gård (i.e Luffe’s courtyard).

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