Herring 11

Built as a nautical school in 1703

Above the door, you will notice a nice plaque with Frederik IV’s monogram and the year 1703. In 1697, after the deroute of the Møn population, Frederik IV donated 4000 rix-dollars for the construction of a nautical school. In 1703 the construction began, and in 1705 the school was ready for occupation. Unfortunately, there were problems with recruiting students for the school, meaning that only 6 officers were trained during the next 22 years! The school closed down and the building was turned into a prison and draper’s house. Later, it became a nursing home for the mentally ill.

In 2014, the building was taken over by Christian and Brit Petersen who adapted it into a hotel and restaurant. The building has a long and exciting story, which is described on large plates behind the well-kept, original front door. For further information, go to the reception desk located in the side building. From there, you will then be shown into the old entrance building where the plates are displayed.... in Danish, German and English. In the café, you can enjoy a nice meal with a view of the water and often in the evening a beautiful sunset.

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