Herring 5

Sct. Knudsstræde

Sct. Knudsstræde, whose name arise from Saint Knud, who was a saint for all trade, leads directly to the town's shopping street. During excavations in 1968, a seal of Saint Knud was found, and in 1973 it was decided to change the name from Smith Street to Saint Knuds Street. Smith Street had originally been given its name because of a smithy on the eastern side of the street which had operated there since 1845. In former times, the street had been named Baker Street. Back then, the bakers had been sequestered to live here at the southern border of the city ... the reason being, they were excluded from the guild community because of suspected fraud concerning the weight of bread!

Now, enjoy the continued stroll along Søndersti with its long, narrow garden plots before reaching herring 6.

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