Herring 13

Stege’s sea front

Continue left from the path of the ramparts on to Langelinie. Pass the Private Hospital and the Health Centre (the old hospital). Now, you approach the old, original part of Stege, which was given municipal charter by Erik Klipping in 1268. At the hospital premises - with the gable towards the old Langestræde - Sct. Eriks Guild House was built back in the Middle Ages. This, in memoriam of Erik Plovpenning, who had been murdered at Slien in 1250.

At the end of the hospital grounds lies the side street of Peblingerende, which has retained its name from the Middle Ages. At that time, it was just a trail that led from Langestræde to the beach, and it was here the children (‘pebbles’) ran down to the water.

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